Let’s use the voice of the President

It is undisputed that the President of Iceland has a certain power of agenda authority in public debate here in Iceland. We want to use the President’s agenda authority to unify society around issues the President prioritizes and adopts.

Through agenda authority, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir became the protector of the Icelandic language and the welfare of children. She also directed our attention to nature conservation. In doing so she was far ahead of her time. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson has done this by putting public health issues at the forefront and working for the well-being of everyone in society in his unique and sincere way. Beyond supporting issues domestically, the President can use the agenda authority to support issues that create a better world.​​

We believe the President should emphasize the human rights of all his fellow citizens, stand firmly behind those who have had a hard time in Icelandic society, and highlight the issues of children and young people.

These are issues we have worked with and have affected our family, and are close to Felix’s and my heart.

Empowering children, young people, parents, and professionals who work with children is essential. Empowerment must ensure that all children enjoy their talents, the opportunities, and the quality of life available to them at any given time. We were alarmed when we read in the media that only 4% of disabled children participate in organized sports here in Iceland. We are also aware, that income and parents’ backgrounds affect children’s ability to actively participate in society.

We must do better there.

Another concern is the growing sense of malaise among youth. We want to take part in overcoming discomfort that certainly doesn’t have to be there. We believe it would be an important initiative for the President to bring together the various groups that work for the well-being of children and young people.

Felix as the first husband also wants to use Bessastaðatofa (the presidential residence) to benefit children and young people.